Election Fraud

(Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Wisconsin)


The Center for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots focuses specifically on the fraud and error of electronic voting machines and the solution of hand-counted paper ballots. However, we include articles about other kinds of election problems, because these are an integral part of the theft of our elections.


Will “experimental” software patches affect the Ohio vote?

Bob Fitrakis and Gerry Bello, October 31, 2012, The Free Press

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted illegally allowed ES&S to install “experimental” software on vote tabulation systems in up to 39 Ohio counties for the November 6, 2012 election. This software was not subject to certification and testing. This led to a lawsuit — see next 2 items.

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Robert J. Fitrakis, November 5, 2012

versus John Husted, Ohio Secretary of State; and Election Systems & Software, Inc.

Robert J. Fitrakis is the plaintiff in the lawsuit filed by Cliff Arnebeck against Ohio Secretary of State John Husted and ES&S. This complaint is about the Ohio Secretary of State having contracted with ES&S for provision of hardware and software (containing back doors) for the election on November 6, 2012 without public review or bidding, and without approval of the technology board required by Ohio state law.

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Affidavit in lawsuit filed against Ohio's use of uncertified and untested software on ES&S machines

Michael A. Duniho, November 6, 2012

An affidavit by retired National Security Agency (NSA) analyst Michael A. Duniho was included in a lawsuit filed by Arnebeck against Ohio Secretary of State John Husted and ES&S. The lawsuit charged that Ohio Secretary of State John Husted has installed “experimental” uncertified and untested software [experimental software patches on the ES&S machines] to count a large portion of the Ohio vote.

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Bush v Gore and the Supreme Court as Election Terminator

By Paul Lehto, J. D.

Loser Takes All (Mark Crispin Miller, ed.)

Lehto writes an excellent chapter about the usurpation of the rights of the voters of Florida in 2000 by the Supreme Court of the United States, by halting the recount of the presidential election in 2000 allegedly on "equal protection" grounds. Before Bush v Gore, the voters' intent was universally accepted as an uncontested standard for how to count the votes. In Bush v Gore, the SCOTUS said that voters' intent was "a starting point", but the standard needed to be "objective", and so the actual intent of the voters could easily be taken away. Bush v Gore said that all votes had to be counted the same way. Lehto warns about how in the future, the courts may use this as a precedent (despite protestation to the contrary) to take away voters' rights under the pretense of protecting them. Indeed, the United States House of Representative has already engaged in similar behavior (without complaint from the legislators, the courts, or the mainstream media) in the special election of June 13, 2006 in California district 50 to replace Randy Cunningham after he resigned.

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What Went Wrong in Ohio & Black Box Voting

By Sheila Parks

Tikkun Magazine, January 1, 2006

"In Black Box Voting and What Went Wrong in Ohio, Bev Harris and Michigan congressman John Conyers present data that are chilling indictments of our election system.  Harris discusses electronic voting machines and the fraud and error they have enabled in elections.  Conyers - a Democrat - highlights the disenfranchisement of African-American, low-income, and Democratic communities through voter suppression by government power and campaign organizations; he also discusses problems associated with electronic voting machines…."

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The New York Times: EXAMINING THE VOTE; How Bush Took Florida: Mining the Overseas Absentee Vote

By David Barstow and Don van Natta Jr.

The New York Times, July 15, 2001

In 2001 the New York Times reported about the behind-the-scenes battle that the Republicans and Democrats fought over absentee ballots in Florida. While both sides fought to ensure the counting of as many votes favorable to their own interests, the Republicans went a step further, applying a double standard to disqualify civilian votes that they deemed faulty while counting as many equally faulty military votes.

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