(Photo by Ellen Shub)

Sheila Parks, Ed.D.

Sheila Parks, Ed.D., the founder of the Center for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots, is a former teacher and professor. Parks was a consultant for the New Hampshire Department of Education and also designed and presented workshops for the Civil Service Commission. She created, hosted and produced a live public affairs interview show on Tufts University Radio.  The study of our voting systems has been the major area of her focus since the 2000 presidential election.  She has researched and observed hand-counted paper ballots (HCPB) elections in real time and has detailed knowledge in the specifics of hand-counted paper ballots elections.  Her publications about HCPB are available in the articles section of this site under the title  "For Hand-Counting".  (AB, Radcliffe College; MA, Columbia University; Ed.D., Boston University)




Lucius Chiaraviglio 

Lucius Chiaraviglio has written and tested software for computers embedded into other devices, and has worked in both academic research labs and for private corporations such as Intel. His experience with computer systems, both office systems and computers embedded into other devices, has given him insight into the inherent limitations of computer systems and other programmable devices. (BS, Harvard College; MS, University of Chicago)