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Sheila Parks, Ed.D.

Sheila Parks, Ed.D., the founder of the Center for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots, is a former teacher and professor. Parks was a consultant for the New Hampshire Department of Education and also designed and presented workshops for the Civil Service Commission. She created, hosted and produced a live public affairs interview show on Tufts University Radio.  The study of our voting systems has been the major area of her focus since the 2000 presidential election.  She has researched and observed hand-counted paper ballots (HCPB) elections in real time and has detailed knowledge in the specifics of hand-counted paper ballots elections.  Her publications about HCPB are available in the articles section of this site under the title  "For Hand-Counting".  (AB, Radcliffe College; MA, Columbia University; Ed.D., Boston University)




Lucius Chiaraviglio 

Lucius Chiaraviglio has written and tested software for computers embedded into other devices, and has worked in both academic research labs and for private corporations such as Intel. His experience with computer systems, both office systems and computers embedded into other devices, has given him insight into the inherent limitations of computer systems and other programmable devices. (BS, Harvard College; MS, University of Chicago)


Sharona Merel

A writer/editor, speaker and advocate. As co-founder of the National Ballot Integrity Project, the New Hampshire Ballot Integrity Task Force, and a member of the New Hampshire Fair Elections Committee, Merel pioneered to raise awareness and helped knit together a network, including individual citizens, officials, organizations, technology experts, authors, candidates, lawyers and legislators, committed to the transparency and integrity of U.S. elections. (BS, Emerson College)


Arlene Montemarano

A grandmother of nine who has been active in community affairs for many years.  Montemarano has felt an obligation as a citizen to speak up when necessary and to try to work with officials at all levels to best solve problems of the environment and governance.   She lives by the maxim that the population is the fifth leg of the proverbial stool of democracy:  executive, judicial, legislative, a separate and free media that provides valid and important information, and above all, the populace itself.  Elections are key for population involvement, and the strongest tool to achieve that is hand-counting done by the people themselves. (BA, Syracuse University)


Kathleen Wynne

Former Associate Director of Black Box Voting. Wynne was a full time investigator with Black Box Voting from 2004 until 2006, when she left to found the website (Hand Counted Paper Ballots Now). While at BBV, Wynne mentored citizens - teaching them how to monitor local elections - and also consulted with public officials. She has testified at numerous public hearings and has provided evidence to members of the U.S. Congress, the EAC, and other public bodies. Before her work at Black Box Voting, Wynne spent 20 years as a senior administrator with major New York City law firms. (BA, Trinity University)

Advisory Board


Adam Frost

Frost is a computer repairperson and educator in Boston, MA, who is very concerned about the appropriate and healthy use of computers in our culture.  He began his working life as a typewriter repairperson, which helped him develop a deep appreciation for simple, reliable technology. Since receiving a degree in Computer Science, he has worked to take the basic principles of good repair and bring them to the computer world. He works with people in their offices and home offices to empower them to use computers to foster health, human efficiency, and the building of strong and productive communities. He has a long-term professional commitment to oppose the misuse of computers in political and business life. (BA Yale)